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Charting the Future: Highlights from SBN’s Long-Range Planning Meeting


The SEMA Businesswomen's Network (SBN) recently convened for its Long-Range Planning (LRP) meeting in Austin, Texas. During the meeting, the select committee emphasized the goal of advancing the careers of women in the automotive specialty-equipment industry through networking, education and recognition opportunities.

Each SBN subcommittee presented their challenges and opportunities which helped create the network's five-year plan.

Communications: The communications committee detailed their role in circulating industry information and facilitating member input through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and bi-monthly updates. Upcoming focuses include media connections, podcast promotions and influencer collaborations. The committee is excited to utilize their expertise to enhance communication and member engagement.

Events: The event committee outlined goals to provide networking opportunities for various professional levels. Key events include Gear Up Girl, Women's Leadership Forum (WLF) and industry mixers. The committee is committed to engaging members and planning events early to ensure success.

Resources: The resource committee reviewed goals to actively engage members and provide valuable educational resources. The ally series aims to recruit supporters and tailor approaches to meet diverse needs. Increasing webinar attendance and providing DEI training at the SEMA Show are key focuses.

SheIsSEMA: The SheIsSEMA committee highlighted goals to increase awareness of women in the aftermarket, recognize female accomplishments and identify future leaders. Current projects include a SheIsSEMA spotlight video campaign, with an emphasis on celebrating women's contributions to the industry.

Engagement: The engagement committee reported on their goals to welcome new members, engage existing ones and recruit volunteers. Projects include email campaigns, quarterly meet and greets and membership roster updates to ensure members feel connected and informed.
The committee reviewed 2024 initiatives in their Five-Year Plan Review, including general membership meetings and increasing media exposure through strategic content promotion. Hosting a speed networking session at the SEMA Show and potential booth concepts to support female builders were discussed as exciting opportunities for the upcoming year.

Looking to the future, SBN looks forward to continuing to help women thrive in today's ever-changing market. For more information on how SBN can support you, email Nicole Bradle at