The number of SEMA-member company employees who have obtained and are seeing increased profits from the SEMA Accessory Professional Exam has risen to a record number of 178 as of June 2020. This program is provided by PRO and designed to help restylers, installers and accessory retailers build a more successful dealer-direct sales strategy.

Developed by industry experts, the five-section exam is based off the “PRO Sales Training Manual” and includes 50 multiple-choice questions focused on customer relations and sales strategy, salesperson knowledge and practices, marketing and promotions, and SEMA PRO recommended business practices and preparations.

We are excited to recognize the following members who have recently participated in and passed the exam and have earned an accessory sales professional certificate and badge for their achievement. 

ASE Education Foundation: Donna Wagner

Auto Additions: Wes Broyles, Jamie Rambo

Automotive Toys & Accessories: Pamela Smith

Car Stereo Plus: Robert Coffey, Jessie Sherman, Tiffiny Zydallis

Dealer Source Ltd: Jana Bruggman, Frank Lira, Mitch Negri, Brady Weaver

Directed: Al Fontane, Robert Hernandez, Craig Norman, Patrick Virok

Integrity Customs: Kevin Gillis

Katzkin: Douglas Johnson, Steve Schoof

R&R Marketing: Ian Dunlap, Gregory Horton, Josh Provence, Gunnar Smith

Roadwire: Lee Morgan, Evelyn Rodriguez

RRMCI: Joseph Bovee

Specialty Automotive Treatments: Jonathan Jouthe, Mario Ojito

Stitch Headz: Slade Bowcutt

Street Racing Made Safe: Ariel Ling

Tops and Trends: Christi Franklin, Kristy Jones, Misty Phillips, Kimberly Sexton

Trim Illusion: Christophe Haddad

“It’s exciting to witness the growing number of SEMA-member companies who are seeing increased sales and profits in their business as an outcome of the program,” said PRO Council Director Denise Waddingham. “Building better relationships with vehicle dealers and automakers means better business for our members, and we are glad to offer this program that encourages them to do just that.”   

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