SEMA member company employees looking to update their business practices and gain a head start on boosting sales following the current safer-at-home initiatives are invited to take advantage of the SEMA Accessory Sales Professional (SASP) exam free-of-charge until May 15.

In an effort to assist restylers and resellers who have been affected by the Coronavirus situation, SEMA is offering access to the latest customer relations and sales strategies to help accessory sales professionals advance their expertise and position them as a leader in the automotive restyling field. Those who participate will join the industry’s top 150 restylers who have already obtained SASP certification and are reporting an increase in sales.

The five-section exam is based off the “PRO Sales Training Manual” and includes 50 multiple-choice questions focused on customer relations and sales strategy, salesperson knowledge and practices, business structure and sales processes, marketing and promotions, and SEMA PRO-recommended business practices and preparations.

“We’re hoping to assist members rise above challenges during this time of need,” said Director of Councils Denise Waddingham. “By participating in this program, employees can get updated tips and strategies to improve their business practices, better preparing them to return to work.”

Participants who pass the exam will also receive a sales professional certificate and badge to recognize them for their achievement while providing business owners with a valuable marketing edge.  

Originally valued at $19.99, SEMA member company employees can now

take the exam for free at, and obtain the manual free of charge at

For more information, visit or contact Denise Waddingham at