A new SEMA Car Show Program will build consumer awareness of the benefits of vehicle accessorization throughout the United States.

A SEMA Show booth will be included at various car events, where issues related to the industry will be promoted. Consumer issues such as the RPM Act, youth involvement and career opportunities will be discussed at each event, and PRO members will be invited to feature their vehicle builds to help educate consumers about the restyling market and how new vehicles can be transformed.

Research shows that participating in new car shows helps increase vehicle sales and residual post-show orders. The addition of restyled vehicles within these auto shows will increase consumer engagement in the following markets: Columbus, Minneapolis, Denver, Seattle, Charlotte, St. Louis, Austin or Tulsa, and Dallas.

Additional information will be released in the coming months. PRO members wanting to learn more can contact PRO Director Denise Waddingham at Deniselw@sema.org.