Beginning the term as chair for SEMA Pro has been an honor to say the least. Those that chaired in the past like Ellen Mckoy, Scott Wolin, Jeff Fink and others ahead of them have set the stage for the betterment of the Restyling Industry.  With 31 years now as a SEMA Council, PRO is positioned to do great things for this industry through the hard work of dedicated industry professionals.

As the business of marketing aftermarket products to new car dealers continually becomes more challenging, the importance of a unified voice is ever more relevant than ever before.  Bringing Restylers, manufacturers and other industry influencers together, creating result driven initiatives will bear substantial results.

Surrounded by a Select Committee of industry professionals will allow us to conquer these new challenges head on, for measurable results in providing our SEMA members the results that can only come from an organization so committed to the growth in prosperity for its SEMA members.

Through new initiatives like The PRO Cup Challenge, we will show the importance in creating packages for new car dealers to meet the growing need for customized vehicles.

I would like to welcome the following Select Committee members and thank them for their dedication to this awesome industry.  Dino


Josh Poulson /  Chair-elect
Auto Additions

Christina Jorge
Specialty Automotive Treatments

Bill North
Katzkin Leather   

Kevin Taddeo
Add on Auto

Eric Holmes

Donna Wagner
Northwoods University

Tony Hinton

Ragen Dickinson
NBM Group

Jared Cohen
Action auto Group  

BJ Leanse
o Rhino

Joey Johnston
Tops and Trends

Kevin Gillus
Integrity Customs

Luke Frank

Rod Bennett
Chrome Enhancements

Jay Ehret
Pickup Outfitters

Colby Mclaughlin
Trim Illusions