Automotive restylers are discovering new ways to increase their sales profits through the help of the SEMA PRO Sales Training Manual, a unique resource developed by PRO to help restylers, trimmers and accessory retailers build a more successful dealer-direct sales strategy.

Below is an excerpt from the manual on the key elements of a sales strategy:  

Selling to car dealers is not a simple proposition. No matter how good you think you are at selling, or how good you think your workmanship may be, it takes more than simply installing a few accessories on a vehicle and walking cold into a dealership in jeans and a T-shirt to make a sale and build a rapport with a dealer.

It actually takes quite a bit of effort and nurturing—months, even years—to cultivate and maintain solid working relationships with car dealers. It also can be challenging and frustrating to prospect for new business, especially when dealing with dealers who don’t yet see the value and benefits of vehicle accessorization or in doing business with your company.

Here are six steps to know about selling success:

  • The “wow factor” sells cars
  • Want to chart a path to success? Think it, write it, do it
  • Let your customer do the talking
  • Inspire confidence and trust
  • Know the importance of good sales representation
  • Identify your target audience

The manual is used as the foundation for the SEMA Accessory Sales Professional Exam, which restylers, installers and accessory retails can take to certify their sales expertise and set their business apart from competitors. In addition to listing the key elements of a sales strategy, the manual contains in-depth information of what constitutes a good sales rep, how to promote your image and brand, as well as provides marketing tools and resources.

Learn more about the PRO Training Sales Manual at or contact Denise Waddingham at for your free copy.