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Increase Profits: Download the Updated PRO Sales Training Manual


The Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) has released the fourth edition of its PRO Sales Training Manual, a resource designed to help restylers, trimmers and accessory retailers build a more successful dealer-direct sales strategy. Email Denise Waddingham for your copy.

The new edition builds upon an already successful manual that provides restylers with proven strategies that can be used to educate and train staff, enhancing the reputation of their business.

Key highlights of the manual include:

  • Essential elements of a sales strategy
  • Valuable tips on selling dealer-direct
  • Innovative ideas to develop profit-generating accessory programs
  • Effective strategies to overcome objections
  • Key tactics to build and grow your customer base
  • Everything you need to drive sales and profits

In today's market, competition for a car dealer's business can be challenging. The PRO Sales Training Manual is the guide that accessory retailers need to excel and differentiate themselves from the pack. PRO members can obtain their free copy by emailing PRO Council Director Denise Waddingham at

The PRO Sales Training Manual is used as the foundation of the SEMA Accessory Sales Professional Exam, which PRO members can take to prove their expertise and set themselves apart from competitors. Learn more about the exam by clicking here.