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Charting the Future: Highlights from PRO’s Long-Range Planning Meeting


The SEMA Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) recently convened for its Long-Range Planning (LRP) Meeting at the SEMA Garage in Detroit, Michigan, bringing together PRO select committee volunteers to chart a course for the future of the council.      

The LRP, unlike monthly volunteer meetings, is held annually to the identify the council's strategic priorities and establish long term goals that benefit the council's membership and the automotive restyling industry as a whole.  

Among the key highlights was an update to PRO's mission statement, which reads as follows:

The Professional Restylers Organization, a SEMA Council, is a community dedicated to advancing and protecting the restyling industry through education, advocacy, awareness and engagement.

"PRO's updated mission statement not only reflects the council's commitment to advancing our members and the industry, but also outlines the avenues we will take to achieve our goals," said PRO Director Denise Waddingham. "By focusing on education, advocacy, awareness and engagement, we can help drive the restyling market to new heights and ensure its success for years to come."

In addition to updating current resources that shops can utilize to enhance their dealer-direct sales strategy, the council is excited to announce that the PRO Cup Challenge will return to the SEMA Show in 2024. This staple program offers restylers an exclusive opportunity to showcase their vehicle build in the PRO Booth at SEMA Show alongside other PRO members and be entered to win one of two awards. Stay tuned as applications will open in June!

Applications to volunteer on the PRO select committee are now closed, however, there are still opportunities to get involved by volunteering on one of the council's subcommittees. Opportunities are available on the communications subcommittee, content subcommittee, PRO Cup Challenge subcommittee and the PRO SEMA Show events subcommittee. Contact PRO Council Director Denise Waddingham for more information.  

Looking to the future, PRO looks forward to continuing to help its members thrive in today's ever-changing market. For more information on how PRO can support you and your company, email Denise Waddingham at