More than 150 SEMA member company employees have obtained the SEMA Accessory Sales Professional (SASP) certification, and companies are reporting increased sales as a result. The certification is a new resource developed by the PRO in 2019 and designed to help restyling businesses build a more successful dealer-direct sales strategy. The program aims to recognize accessory manufacturers and restylers for their sales expertise while providing them understanding of the inner workings of a car dealership and how to qualify and identify the key decision maker.

Developed by industry experts, the five-section exam is based off the “PRO Sales Training Manual” and includes 50 multiple-choice questions focused on customer relations and sales strategy, salesperson knowledge and practices, business structure and sales processes, marketing and promotions, and SEMA PRO recommended business practices and preparations.

An accessory sales professional certificate and badge is awarded to restylers who pass the exam, earning them recognition for their achievement while providing business owners with a valuable marketing edge.  Cost of the exam is only $19.99 with a discount code available to PRO and TORA members.

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