The Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) is preparing to release a knowledge-based exam centered on the “PRO Sales Training Manual,” a resource developed by industry experts and designed to help restylers, installers and accessory retailers build a more successful dealer-direct sales strategy. Take advantage of a great opportunity to familiarize yourself and/or employees with the “Sales Training Manual” to improve knowledge and skills, and, through the testing process, gain recognition for your sales expertise and know-how.

The SEMA Accessory Sales Professional Certificate exam is slated for release in the first quarter of 2019. There are five sections to the exam consisting of 50 multiple choice questions and answers. Topics include:

  1. Customer Relations and Strategy
  2. Salesperson Knowledge and Practices
  3. Business Structure and Sales Process
  4. Marketing and Promotion
  5. SEMA (PRO) Recommended Business Practices and Preparations

Immediately after the exam, you will be able to see your score. The SEMA Accessory Sales Professional Certificate test is geared toward shop owners and employees who seek to earn recognition for individual achievement, and provides business owners with a valuable marketing edge.

To help prepare for the exam, the 80-plus page “PRO Sales Training Manual” is available as a hard copy for purchase, bound in a three-ring binder, or in a free electronic format for easy use on a tablet. While it can be purchased by anyone for $149.95, PRO and TORA members receive the special discounted price of $24.95 for the printed copy. It can be ordered online at For more information, contact Allan Keefe at