One of the key goals of the Manufacturers Representatives Network (MRN) is to address industry issues and develop strategies and programs designed to meet the special needs of manufacturers’ reps. One issue that has directly affected MRN is the challenge manufacturers face when looking for quick and easy representation in a select region. To solve that issue, MRN launched RepMatch two years ago.  Early this year, the RepMatch hit a milestone with over 100 independent rep agencies participating with over 200 manufacturers seeking help in representation. 

About the RepMatch Program

RepMatch is an online tool that helps connect manufacturers with sales representatives who have years of experience in the aftermarket industry. Part of the benefit of hiring experienced sales representatives is that they already have a long list of loyal customers with whom they regularly do business. Many of the MRN reps who are registered for the RepMatch program see their customers on a monthly or even weekly basis. They have established business relationships that manufacturers seeking representation in a specific territory may not have the resources to sustain.

Vic Bennett, MRN Immediate Past Chairman and manufacturers’ representative at Gantt-Thomas & Associates Inc., discussed the benefits of using RepMatch.

“RepMatch speeds up the whole process so that the manufacturer and rep can make a quick connection,” he said. “There’s no having to waste time meeting with business prospects who aren’t necessarily a good fit. RepMatch allows sales reps to find manufacturers who may be new to the business and who are looking for representation. It also allows for connections to be made that may not have happened in person.”

Because RepMatch is an online tool, manufacturers can get connected with well-matched sales reps in a matter of minutes. It is a mutually beneficial program for the manufacturer and the rep.

Manufacturers seeking representation from experienced reps can easily register for the program when they visit Registered RepMatch reps are then notified when a manufacturer is in search of representation in their region.

If you are a manufacturers’ representative who is searching for your next valuable business connection, register for RepMatch now at RepMatch is free to MRN members as well as all manufacturers searching for accomplished and regionally based representation.