Did you know that over 180 manufacturers (and counting) use RepMatch to find experienced sales representatives? Here are 3 reasons why you need to register for RepMatch now.

3 Reasons Why You Should Register for RepMatch Now

  1. It’s easy to use. All you need to do is register your company at www.sema.org/repmatch. One sales rep per agency can opt-in to receive immediate notification of manufacturers seeking representation.
  2. You’ll automatically receive notifications. When a manufacturing company signs up to participate in the RepMatch program, it provides information about the territory it needs coverage in, the types of products it is looking to market in that territory, and the targeted market segment. That information is then sent directly to you. Once you have all the basic information, you can contact the manufacturer directly.
  3. It’s FREE. This tool was made specifically for MRN members. One of our key goals as an organization is to develop strategies and programs designed to meet the needs of manufacturers’ representatives. RepMatch was designed to solve the challenge manufacturers face when looking for quick and easy representation in a select region. RepMatch makes it easy for with manufacturers to connect with the best sales representatives who have years of experience in the aftermarket industry.  

If you haven’t already opted in to use RepMatch, now’s a good time to start. Register at www.sema.org/repmatch.