The EPA recently issued a new Tampering Policy that replaces Mobile Source Enforcement Memo 1A (1974). Complete details about the new policy, which simplifies the process for aftermarket businesses to conduct the testing they need to protect themselves from EPA enforcement related to the Clean Air Act’s prohibition on tampering and aftermarket defeat devices, are explained in a SEMA Virtual Education 90-minute video recording available here. In the video, an EPA representative joins legal experts as they explain what type of testing is needed to achieve a reasonable basis for demonstrating compliant product, where the testing can be performed, and what it means to motorsports parts manufacturers.  

Watch the video.

The new EPA Tampering Policy applies to emissions-related aftermarket performance and engine products installed on motor vehicles. A link to the Policy and a more in-depth overview is available here.

Topics answered during the webinar include:

  • Type of testing needed to achieve a reasonable basis
  • Vehicle selection
  • Where testing can be performed  
  • Comparison of testing with CARB EO tests
  • Testing benefits if marketing products outside of California