The aftermarket industry is gearing up to reconnect at the 2021 SEMA Show, the first industry-wide, in-person gathering in nearly two years. Taking place November 2 – 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the event includes education seminars to help attendees learn new skills and stay up to date on trends. Included in this year’s program is a track on the State of Electric Vehicles.  

Practical and progressive, these seminars will challenge and equip MPMC members to learn new ideas that address the evolving electric vehicle landscape.

Tuesday, November 2 – Future-Proofing Classic and Collector Cars
A look inside the conversion of classic and collector cars to electric power. Will the electromod become as common as the restomod and provide a new way to keep classics on the road in a petroleum-free world? This panel will feature some of the top pioneers of this growing segment. RSVP Here.

Wednesday, November 3 – Why the New UV is EV
For a while, hybrids and electric vehicles were found mostly in the sedan and small-wagon segments. Now, trucks and SUVs are what buyers want, but do they want them in EV form? This seminar will discuss how EVs are infiltrating the off-road and AWD segments and creating new opportunities for the aftermarket. RSVP Here.

Thursday, November 4 – EV and the Accessorization Game, Powered by PRO
This session is an in-depth look at the future of modifying and accessorizing vehicles that are electric powered. Manufacturers are increasingly turning to electric drivetrains for new vehicle platforms, and this is no longer limited to commuter cars and other vehicles that traditionally appeal only to environmentally conscious consumers. The introduction of vehicles attractive to enthusiast buyers into the EV market will no doubt spur demand for aftermarket manufacturers to offer accessories and upgrades to help buyers personalize their purchases. The expert panel will discuss the challenges and best practices of developing aftermarket parts and packages for these new electric-powered cars and trucks. RSVP Here.