The SEMA Action Network and SEMA Legislative staff are asking everyone in the industry to contact Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt and encourage him to fund the Restore Bonneville program. SEMA SAN and the DC office make it incredibly quick and easy to do so with pre-crafted email content and a link that will send your email directly to the Secretary of the Interior. You type in your name, email and home address (preferably home and not business, so that the emails are counted as unique), hit “send message” and you’re done.

The once 13-mile racetrack at Bonneville is now less than 8 miles due to salt erosion.  It is critically important that the U.S. Department of the Interior contributes funds toward a 10-year restoration program that will dramatically increase the amount of salt pumped onto Bonneville.   You can help restore the Bonneville Salt Flats before it's too late.  Please urge the Secretary of Interior to fund the Restore Bonneville program through the department’s FY 2020 budget.

Click here to go directly to the email form. If you share this email with your employees, we can dramatically increase the amount of correspondence to the Secretary!