A newly released SEMA Virtual Education recording is now available to help companies understand everything they need to know about the Replica Car law. The 2015 law allows low volume automakers to sell turnkey vehicles that resemble classic vehicles produced at least 25 years ago. NHTSA completed a regulation in January to implement the program, but the rule is still awaiting official publication. (Publication is expected in the foreseeable future after the new administration has had a chance to give final approval.)

In the video, a panel of industry experts explain all of the basic elements of the law including what defines a “replica car,” how the cars are regulated by NHTSA, requirements to register with NHTSA, EPA and CARB, challenges in certifying an engine package that meets current model year emissions standards, whether companies can install an electric vehicle package, and more.

The video is available on demand to SEMA members at no cost and can be viewed here.