Edelbrock is MPMC's newest member spotlight company.

Get to know the company's history in SEMA's interview with Mark Campbell, Edelbrock vice president of sales, below.

MPMC Member Spotlight -  Edelbrock

SEMA: Describe your business. What does the company do and how does the company do it?

Mark Campbell: We manufacture cylinder heads, intake manifolds, superchargers, water pumps, camshafts and valvetrain components, carburetors, EFI systems, transmission and torque converters and many other fun, go-fast parts for the automotive aftermarket.

SEMA: How did the business get started and what were the biggest hurdles?

MC: The business really started in 1938 by Vic Edelbrock Sr. to fill a need to make cars go faster. In those days manufacturing for parts like what he was making did not exist, so he created ways to build these parts that had never been done before.

SEMA: What was your breakthrough moment?

MC: Not sure I can define one moment that was a breakthrough. It was years and years of hard work, dedication to making parts and listening to the customer to come up with the ideas to make parts that everyone would want to buy.

SEMA: Tell us about a particular project, product or build you are proud of.

MC: We have so many great projects that we are involved with that it is hard to spotlight one. Some of the key partnerships we have with NASCAR, NHRA, NMCA/NMRA, and many other racing sanctioning bodies help us get in front of our target audience and show them what we do.

SEMA: What does MPMC mean to your company?

MC: MPMC is a great organization that helps motorsports manufacturing companies come together and share ideas, have direct contact with media, and help grow these businesses larger to support our industry.

SEMA: What is one thing you could say that MPMC could do to help a new or growing business in the motorsports industry?

MC: The MTC (Media Trade Conference) is a big thing that can really help a company that needs to get their message out in the marketplace. It gives them one-on-ones with media to tell their story and showcase what they do.

SEMA: What do you want others to know about your company?

MC: We are a company full of motorsports enthusiasts and we love what we do – manufacturing parts in many locations across the United States to make cars go faster!

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