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MPMC Member Spotlight: COBB Tuning Pushes Boundaries Through Innovative Solutions


The SEMA Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council (MPMC) named COBB Tuning as the council's newest member spotlight company.   
Get to know the business's story in the SEMA News interview with COBB Tuning's Kirstin Backes (sales and marketing, trucks), below.   

SEMA News: Describe your business. What does the company do and how does the company do it? 
Kirstin Backes: COBB Tuning is a pioneering automotive performance company. Our focus lies in pushing boundaries through innovative tuning solutions and complementary parts. We provide advanced engine management and performance accessories that enhance power, handling and efficiency.  

Through cutting-edge technology and expert calibrations, we optimize vehicle performance while maintaining reliability and staying on the right side of emissions regulations. COBB enables enthusiasts to unlock their vehicles' full potential, from turbocharged sports cars to daily drivers and off-road trucks. 

SN: How did the business get started and what were the biggest hurdles? 
KB: COBB Tuning was founded in Rockwall, Texas, by Trey Cobb in 1999. COBB started as a performance shop in the back of Trey's dad's tire shop and saw a few evolutions (and a few cross-country moves) along the way.  

COBB had virtually no funding, was a distributor of other brands' products and had brick-and-mortar stores before finally settling into our sweet spot. Today, we're proud to engineer and manufacture performance tuning products made for both professional use by the performance shops that make our industry spin, and the driveway DIYers that make it fun. 

In 1999, the roots of the company were strongly planted in the Subaru market; like most people in the business, Trey wanted to support the cars he loved to drive and race. We're grateful for those roots and the strong footing they gave us, but we've expanded well beyond Subaru in the years since. 

These days, we're stoked to serve a huge range of applications, from sport compacts to euro and domestic performance, all from our home base in Austin, Texas. 

SN: What was your breakthrough moment? 
KB: The most consequential breakthrough for COBB over the last 20-plus years was the introduction of the Accessport in 2004. The Accessport is a handheld ECU tuning device, and it quite literally put horsepower in the hands of drivers and tuners. We've gone through a few revisions and have a newer version than we did back in 2004, but the Accessport is still critical to the success of COBB today. 

SN: Tell us about a particular project, product or build you are proud of. 
KB: It's not a singular project, but working with the SEMA Garage and obtaining nearly 200 Executive Orders (EOs) has been a ton of work, and we're proud to be leading the charge in the industry when it comes to emissions-compliant performance. 

SN: What does MPMC mean to your company? 
KB: MPMC holds immense significance for COBB Tuning. As a proud MPMC member, we see it as a crucial platform for us to collaborate with fellow aftermarket manufacturers. It's a forum where we share insights, innovations, and industry trends, fostering a vibrant community dedicated to pushing automotive boundaries.  

MPMC facilitates networking and knowledge exchange, allowing us to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies and solutions. MPMC enhances our ability to deliver top-tier performance products, continually evolving to meet enthusiasts' demands. It's the same spirit of partnership and progress that defines COBB Tuning's commitment to driving excellence. 

SN: What is one thing you could say that MPMC could do to help a new or growing business in the motorsports industry? 
KB: MPMC can play a vital role in nurturing new and growing businesses in the motorsports industry. One impactful step they could take is to facilitate mentorship programs. Pairing established industry leaders with emerging companies would offer invaluable guidance, sharing firsthand insights on navigating challenges and seizing opportunities. This direct knowledge transfer could expedite learning curves, fostering innovation and growth.  

By fostering these meaningful connections, MPMC can empower the next generation of motorsports businesses to flourish, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic future for the entire aftermarket community. COBB Tuning believes that mentorship within MPMC would be a game-changer for businesses aiming to make their mark. 

SN: What do you want others to know about your company? 
KB: At COBB Tuning, we want others to recognize us as more than just an automotive performance company. We're innovators, enthusiasts and pioneers, driven by a passion for pushing limits. Our commitment to delivering cutting-edge tuning solutions goes hand-in-hand with a deep respect for quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.  

With a legacy of transformative products like the Accessport, we've elevated driving experiences worldwide. Our collaboration within MPMC underscores our dedication to advancing the entire motorsports industry. COBB Tuning strives to empower enthusiasts, redefine performance and shape the future of automotive aftermarket. 

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