The MPMC Media Trade Conference is a unique event in the aftermarket, providing opportunity for council member manufacturers to speak directly with journalists and influencers in 30-minute, private meetings. The event spans three days and attracts upwards of 130 media outlets who schedule meetings with as many of the 100 exhibiting manufacturers, thereby delivering some of the best ROI in the industry. Recognizing that even the most successful events must continually be in front of changing times, the MPMC leadership has formed a new task force to make sure the Media Trade Conference continues that tradition. 

In addition to several MPMC select committee volunteers, the new task force also includes two non-select committee MPMC member volunteers, and a veteran content producer and marketing talent who has years of experience working with both manufacturers and media at the Media Trade Conference. The task force has already held virtual meetings to discuss areas where new value adds might be introduced.  A primary focus of the group is how to deliver “best practices” or “how to make the most of your Media Trade Conference” information. Under current social distancing practices, webinars or live chats are being evaluated as a medium to deliver such information.  Always proactive, the task force is also looking at how the physical presentation of the event might be impacted in light of the current pandemic. As the travel world evolves, they will also evaluate alternative presentation formats, venues, and dates.

The task force held their first introductory meeting last week, but, the message is clear, the MPMC Media Trade Conference will adapt and evolve as needed to continue its tradition of engaging manufacturer and media in a convenient and productive environment. If you are unfamiliar with the event you may learn more information at