As co-sponsor of the RPM Act, Florida Representative Bill Posey is an active and vocal advocate in congress for motorsports in the United States

Of the 535 current members of the United States House of Representatives and US Senate, none boasts the motorsports and performance background of Representative Bill Posey (R-FL). A lifelong enthusiast, he has built hot rods, owned and driven more than 30 race cars, promoted and operated a short track, and been involved in the sale of more than 100 race tracks in the US.

Posey represents Florida’s 8th Congressional District, which includes all of Brevard and Indian River counties. He was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2008 and is currently serving his fifth term. Prior to being elected to Congress, Posey served for 16 years in the Florida State Senate and Florida House of Representatives, successfully leading efforts related to insurance reform and reforming and modernizing Florida’s election process.

Born in California in 1947, Posey’s formative years were spent amid the emerging car culture of Southern California. At age nine his family moved to the Space Coast of Florida, where his father worked on the Delta rocket project. Following his graduation from Brevard Community College in 1969, Posey served as an inspector with the McDonnell Douglas Saturn V Apollo project. At the conclusion of the project he left the aerospace industry to focus on real estate and later formed the National Racetrack Clearinghouse, listing and selling race tracks throughout the US. An active stock car racer throughout most of his life, Posey raced extensively at New Smyrna Speedway and Orlando Speed World and throughout the Southeast.

Currently serving as the House co-chair of the Congressional Automotive Performance and Motorsports Caucus, Posey is a longtime advocate for transparency and accountability in government and is also a consistent supporter of SEMA and PRI. He is an outspoken advocate (and a co-sponsor) of the RPM Act, federal legislation that would protect the right for Americans to convert street vehicles into dedicated race cars, and for manufacturers to sell products that allow racers to compete. Posey’s passion for his work and for the nation is evident, and he recently sat down to talk with PRI. Read the full interview here.