By SEMA Editors

Automotive event organizers throughout the country now have a cost-effective, modern tool to reach consumers and promote events ranging from car shows, auto auctions, drifting or race competitions, free of charge. Created through a partnership between SEMA and, the new MOTORin’ app is a car and truck event finder designed to make it easy for auto enthusiasts to find events by date, location or category, and to help event organizers reach more users.

The app, which is available for download now at no cost at both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, includes hundreds of events, with new events being added daily.

“SEMA is committed to building programs and platforms that help the automotive industry flourish,” said SEMA Chairman of the Board Wade Kawasaki. “Organizers are invited and encouraged to submit their events so they don’t miss out on this opportunity to reach MOTORin’ users.”

Promoters can create an account by downloading the app. Once registered, promoters will be able to submit their events, along with details, a photo and a link to purchase tickets, if desired. Visitors will automatically obtain a list of upcoming events local to them when they access MOTORin’, but can also search for events by date, location, distance, keyword or event category.

“The automotive community thrives by making connections, and there are few places better to do that at than a car event,” said President and CEO Roger Falcione. “The MOTORin’ app offers a convenient way for collectors and enthusiasts to promote and discover relevant automotive events in their backyard or across the country. It was a pleasure to work with SEMA to develop the app.“

While events can also be searched online at, the mobile app is designed to target a younger audience that is on the move.

For more information or to begin posting events to MOTORin’, download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play or visit