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Webinar: Everything Builders, Shop Owners Need to Know About Insurance


When it comes to insurance needs, how do builders and shop owners determine what policies are necessary and how much coverage to get? Is the existing coverage putting your business at risk? Does the language of insurance get confusing?

While an insurance review can be time-consuming and tedious, it does not have to be overwhelming.

Watch HRIA's recent webinar "What Builders Need to Know about Insurance Needs" to learn tips and advice for reviewing your policy.

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You will learn:

  • The most common mistakes you may be making with your insurance coverage
  • The different types of insurance coverage shop owners need to know about
  • How often shops should reassess insurance policies
  • Definitions to insurance jargon and lingo that will demystify the process
  • Questions to ask your insurance provider that will help save you money

Speakers include Trent Campbell of American National Insurance and Bob Corwin of RevPro/Alliant.