When Jeff Major became HRIA chairman in 2019, he set out to document the history of the Hot Rod Industry Alliance – dating back to 1992 when the council was formed as the Street Rod Marketing Alliance (SRMA) to the 300 member strong council that it is today.  

The result is a comprehensive compilation of milestones, events and recognition of HRIA members over the course of nearly 30 years.  

“We are proud to present The Complete History of the HRIA as a way to recognize the many companies, names, and faces who have paved the way for the group we see today,” said Major. “This history is not only important to those who remember it, but provides inspiration for the future and to our council and hot rod community at large.”

A link to a digital version will be emailed in the next 10 days, and a printed hard copy will be mailed to each member company in July.