A recent issue of SEMA News focused on the constant changes in the COVID era, and included insight from each SEMA Council & Network leadership talking about the group's latest initiatives, challenges and priorities. Below, are excerpts from HRIA Chair Danny Agosta.

"This year is about as predictable as last. Looking at the macro environment, things are tumultuous, and there's always threatening legislation. However, most members are reporting growth, and the main concern is being able to keep up with demand. Everyone is suffering from supply-chain issues and sourcing labor; however, those issues are better to have than low demand."

"If everything stays together, I think our segment of the industry will shape up nicely. There are still a lot of concerns and unknowns with the pandemic. Social and business gatherings are, of course, the biggest focus when it comes to vulnerability, but enthusiasm for the hobby is still there. In some ways, the repression of that enthusiasm may mean pent-up eagerness to get out and participate in shows, but shows are only one metric to watch. A lot of businesses are busier than ever, and that's good news."

"There are several new events and opportunities this coming year, and we have also completed the HRIA History Book project. We're proud of how it turned out and think it's critical moving forward to know where we've been."

"A current industry trend is restomodding, which goes well beyond restoration and into performance and technology. People like building cars that they can drive and that have all the niceties of their modern vehicles but with the style of the classics. Other than that, I see the lines of what constitutes a "hot rod" getting blurred. Trucks, vans, wagons and some vehicles into the '90s come from overseas. The cars we're seeing come in all shapes, sizes and flavors, but the spirit behind the builder/owner seems to be the commonality."

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