HRIA Members paying off student loans may qualify to receive $2,000 to help pay off the loan. In addition to issuing scholarships to students pursuing careers in the automotive industry, the SEMA Scholarship Program has a Loan Forgiveness Program that awards money to employees of SEMA member companies, who are paying off student loans. Applications are open at

SEMA Loan Forgiveness Program

"HRIA member companies are a diverse range of businesses – from manufacturers and builders/fabricators to dealers, car clubs and enthusiast publications. Many employees who work for our member businesses landed their career with the help of a college degree," said HRIA Chair Danny Agosta. "If a loan was in connection to a degree or certification from a college, university, or tech school, the loan forgiveness program is a great member benefit to help HRIA member company employees in their career and life."

To be eligible for loan forgiveness, individuals must be employed by a SEMA member business, demonstrate passion or the automotive hobby and career, and possess a degree or certificate from a college, university, or career tech school in the United States. The deadline to apply is March 1 at Questions can be directed to Chris Standifer, SEMA Project Manager, Recognition Programs at, 909-978-6692.