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The SEMA Hot Rod Industry Alliance (HRIA) has named AutoMeter as the council's newest member spotlight company! Get to know the company's story below.

HRIA: How has your company evolved to meet the changing demands and trends within the hot-rod industry over the past 30 years?

AutoMeter: Over the past 30 years, our company has evolved by introducing innovative products to the hot-rod market. For example, our Street Rod Kits combined essential gauges and senders in one convenient box, saving customers time and money. We replaced outdated cable-driven models with easily calibrated Electronic Speedometers and introduced GPS Speedometers that eliminated the need for speed sensors and calibration. The InVision Digital Dash revolutionized our offerings with a customizable LCD display, enhancing functionality and user experience.

HRIA: Can you share a memorable milestone or achievement that stands out in your company's history?

AutoMeter: A memorable milestone in AutoMeter's history is our induction into the SEMA Hot Rod Speed Parts Hall of Fame, particularly for our 5" Monster Tachometers. These tachometers became iconic in the racing industry, symbolizing precision, durability and our commitment to innovation. This achievement highlights our impact on racing and automotive performance over the years.

HRIA: How has your relationship with HRIA influenced the growth and success of your business?

AutoMeter: Our relationship with HRIA has provided access to a community of industry professionals including manufacturers, builders and fabricators, dealers, car clubs and enthusiast publications, fostering strong partnerships and keeping us at the forefront of trends and technological advancements. HRIA's commitment to promoting the hot-rod hobby aligns with our values, allowing us to gain exposure, share innovations and contribute to the industry's growth.

HRIA: Reflecting on your extensive experience in the industry, what do you believe sets successful companies apart from others?

AutoMeter: What sets successful companies apart from others is their ability to maintain a strong, dedicated team and stay true to their roots. At AutoMeter, our long-standing team members drive innovation and uphold our high standards of quality. Our commitment to domestic manufacturing in Sycamore, Illinois, supports the local economy and ensures rigorous quality control, setting us apart in a competitive market.

HRIA: Can you share a piece of advice or insight that has been instrumental in guiding your company's success?

AutoMeter: A key piece of advice guiding our success is prioritizing quality, precision and reliability while continuously innovating. These have been the foundation of our reputation in the industry. Investing in new technologies and listening to customers' needs helps us stay relevant and ahead of the curve, balancing our foundational principles with a forward-thinking approach to set the industry standard.


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