HRIA is happy to welcome Scott Parker, Power Automedia; Lana Chrisman, Lions Automobilia Foundation & Museum; and Kelle Oeste, V8 Speed and Resto Shop, as the council's newest select committee volunteers. All three will serve two-year terms and play a critical role in addressing the challenges facing the hot rod segment, while preserving and promoting the hot rod industry. 


HRIA - Scott Parker HRIA - Lana Chrisman HRIA - Kelle Oeste


Oeste and Parker shared her reactions to joining the select committee:

"My goal is to learn from everyone, and also teach someone something new," said Oeste. "I hope to help shop owners, employees and students be less frustrated, more passionate and better at whatever they want to learn. I feel like helping others be more successful and to improve their skills and knowledge will make the automotive industry grow tremendously. "

Parker added: "I have always been in complete awe of the creativity of car building, the ability to turn an OEM vehicle into something completely unique and yours, and to improve as you see fit – increasing a vehicle's performance. The HRIA presented the opportunity to be of service and to help support the industry to make sure that this hobby continues to thrive. I am hoping that I can do something positive for the hobby and gain the fulfillment that comes with that, and hopefully make some great connections with fellow gear heads along the way."

HRIA Chair Danny Agosta also shared his excitement: "We're very fortunate to have an active select committee with diverse talents and expertise who all have a passion for the Hot Rod Industry. Our select committee roster very closely reflects the business types represented in our membership so we'll be able to see issues from various vantage points. I'm very thankful to all of our select committee members because they put in a ton of time and energy into our various programs with only the desire to see the industry flourish."

In addition to the newly elected select committee members, HRIA welcomes back council chair Danny Agosta, Steele Rubber Products; chair-elect Tim McCarthy, Hushmat & ZyCoat; immediate past chair Jeff Major, Bed Wood and Parts LLC; Mark Bowler, Bowler Transmissions; Amy Fitzgerald, Cool Hand Customs; Jeff Grantmeyer, Borgeson Universal; Joel Kokoska, Cox Automotive; Joe Kubiak, Wilwood Disc Brakes; Josh Mishler, Vintage Fabrications; and David Page, Edelbrock Group.