HRIA Leadership Shares Three-Year Vision and Goals


HRIA membership is comprised of an incredible group of small businesses who share the same passion: To produce amazing parts and products and to keep pushing the limits to make cars more convenient, safe, and oftentimes, like new again. 

While HRIA provides members with resources to help with day-to-day operations, the council is also focused on setting long-term goals. 

In HRIA's recent general membership meeting, HRIA Chair Danny Agosta shared the council's three-year vision and goals:

To focus on prioritizing and empowering the hot rod builder community by providing them with resources, support and opportunities they need to thrive and advance their craft.

While exact details on programs are still being finalized, council leadership is confident and excited for what lies ahead in the coming months.  

What will come from accomplishing this vision? Doing so will help strengthen the industry, improve the viability of businesses, promote innovation, protect the culture, increase relevance to the aftermarket, and enhance the reputation of the HRIA.

This means more opportunity for council leadership to get personally connected with our members (you!), and better understand their businesses and challenges. Consequently, the council can provide better and useful educational resources.

How can you get involved? Reach out to Marcy Yanus at to see what opportunities are available, stay connected with HRIA on Facebook and Instagram, and come to our networking events!

Missed our last general membership meeting or want to watch the recording? Access it here by logging into your account.