New Proposition 65 regulations that require more detailed information on the labels take effect for products manufactured after August 30, 2018.  Now required is at least one chemical for which the warning is being provided, along with a yellow caution triangle and a link to the official Proposition 65 website.

For those unprepared, the update to the California law that gives consumers and their attorneys even more ability to sue businesses.  No longer are only those that do not include warning labels on products containing chemicals associated with cancer and birth defects at risk, but now those with labels that don’t meet the new guidelines are also at risk. The law has spawned a predatory trial lawyer industry focused on using the law to net large settlements. The only companies safe from the reach of Prop 65 are those not producing or selling merchandise in California. Otherwise, if you are a multi-state retailer, distributor, or manufacturer whose products end up in California, Prop 65 can be costly if you are not prepared.

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