The HRIA Select Committee consists of volunteers who contribute their time and expertise to help develop meaningful programs for members. Volunteers are critical to the council's and the industry's success. In return, volunteers gain a lot through the process. Here are just a few benefits members get by volunteering on a SEMA Council or Network Select Committee:

  • Understand the industry at large. It's always beneficial to meet others in your same market niche who you can talk to about the state of the industry, its challenges and opportunities. Working with other Select Committee members really allows you to get a sense of how the industry at large is doing. As you're helping to better the industry, you're also able to come up with new ideas and understand where the opportunities are for your business.
  • Make valuable business connections. Chances are you may meet some of your most trusted, go-to colleagues in the industry or perhaps even a mentor, while serving on the Select Committee. You'll find that the Select Committee consists of some of the brightest, most innovative individuals in the industry, and they just might be individuals who you turn to when you need business advice or want to bounce ideas off.
  • Develop personal friendships. You'll meet individuals who have common interests and share a passion for the industry that you love as well. It's not uncommon for Select Committee members to make life-long friendships while serving the council.
  • Gain hands on experience. As a leader in the industry, you will receive leadership training and guide the council and the industry in new programs and services.
  • Boost brand awareness. Both the volunteer and the company gain great visibility. You and your company are highlighted, quoted and featured or mentioned as programs are developed.
  • Address challenges and opportunities most important to you or your company. As a Select Committee member, you're able to prioritize the issues that you see as most important and have a voice at the table. You're able to make a difference in the areas that matter most.

HRIA members who want to lead the council and apply for a seat on the Select Committee are invited and encouraged to fill out the form at Strong strategic planning skills and significant aftermarket knowledge are helpful, but the most important trait is a passion for giving back to the industry. Please consider applying to volunteer -- or recommend someone who you think would be great in this role – before the April 22 deadline at


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