FLN members are invited to connect with Vin Anatra of Hoonigans during the FLN Facebook live chat on Wednesday, February 15 at 12:00 p.m. PT.  

An inexperienced kid from New York with a passion for cars, Anatra helped build the most notable and influential brand in the automotive apparel and media space, Hoonigan. He will now go live on FLN's Facebook page to discuss the importance of content creation in the aftermarket industry's marketing mix and how to turn content into tangible and sellable assets. 

Anatra moved to Los Angeles in 2015 to work for the brand as an entry-level marketing coordinator. At 34 years old, he is SVP of Partnerships and has put together over $20 million dollars in brand deals with Automakers, top 10 Fortune 100 companies and a majority of the endemic aftermarket.  

Join the live chat to ask him questions about his background, the importance of content creation in our industry, and how's he's pivoted and evolved with the ever-changing digital landscape with authenticity as his north star.  

Live Chat Location:  
FLN Facebook page (www.facebook.com/semafln)
FLN Instagram Live (@fln_sema)  

Vin Anatra of Hoonigans