With a goal of providing future leaders with top quality training and education that will help them advance in their careers, the FLN held hosted the Professional Development Program earlier this year in Southern California.

Twenty-two members participated in the event, where they spent two days learning from top experts from the prestigious Dale Carnegie program. Heavily focused on peer-to-peer networking and interactive group-activities, the agenda included presentations and activities on how to become better communicators, networkers and leaders – both personally and professionally.

"I wanted to get a better foundation for communication skills as a young leader," said Robert Fisher of Power Automedia. "I had an excellent experience in the program and walked away with a lot of invaluable skills that I can take back to my current employer and help me develop myself as a professional leader in the industry."


FLN Professional Development Program Empowers Aftermarket Leaders


In-depth discussions took place on how to disagree agreeably, how to identify listener types, communicate feedback and ideas to others, and influencing others. The program also provided an intimate setting that encouraged members to share their own professional development challenges, and receive feedback from other participants and trainers with possible solutions and ideas for improvement.

Participants began the program by identifying what they each hoped to gain from the class. With answers ranging from improving confidence to sales knowledge and leadership skills, the goals were met and members agreed that it was a fun and invaluable experience that provided tangible skills and garnered new friendships.


"I took the class to try and gain some better leadership and motivational skills," said Dan LaRou of Chrome Enhancements. "I learned a lot of different strategies on how to motivate my sales reps and move forward with my business. I recommend this class to everyone who wants to advance their careers."

To hear directly from program participants on their experience and what was learned, watch FLN's most recent Facebook live chat here: https://fb.watch/dewcnx-90r/


FLN Professional Development Program Empowers Aftermarket Leaders