FLN - Professional Development Training

A new professional development program launched by FLN is helping aspiring leaders in the automotive aftermarket reach greater levels of success. Sponsored by FLN in partnership with Dale Carnegie, the two-day, in-person program focuses on improving individual and business performance and is available exclusively to FLN members at a significant discount.

"The Future Leaders Network is committed to helping aspiring leaders advance in the industry," said FLN Chair Nick Caloroso. "Partnering with a world-class organization such as Dale Carnegie is just one example of what we are doing to invest in the membership. I've been fortunate to have been able to participate in the Dale Carnegie Training, and I'm excited that other FLN members will have access to the program as well."

While Caloroso's employer, Driven Lighting Group, supported his participation in the Dale Carnegie Training, most aspiring leaders in the industry do not have such opportunities. To make the training attainable for all employees, including junior-level executives and those from small businesses, FLN is subsidizing 50% of the cost of the training, plus offering free hotel and meals for two days, two nights to a limited number of members.

It's important to invest in training, and the Dale Carnegie Program is among the best that is available," said Brian Reese, current CEO of T Sportline and Caloroso's employer at Driven Lighting Group at the time of the training. "Nick has always been a terrific leader and team member, but the Dale Carnegie program has given him greater skills and knowledge to become an even better leader. He's learned strategies and tactics that many seasoned professionals have yet to learn."

The program, which will take place in March 2022 in Diamond Bar, California, will teach participants to:

  • Communicate professionally and confidently in business situations.
  • Engage others by building rapport, asking pertinent questions and listening.
  • Build relationships and deal effectively with people in a multitude of scenarios.
  • Gain cooperation and influence people, including direct reports, laterally and upward.
  • Use emotional controls to sustain success.

The program is available at half of Dale Carnegie's regular fee and includes complimentary meals and hotel accommodations for two nights. (Cost for the program is $1,600 direct from Dale Carnegie.) Participants will also need to arrange their own travel to the event.

The program is limited to 25 FLN members. SEMA members can learn more here or contact Denise Waddingham, FLN director, at