Staying up-to-date about emissions, EV and other complex issues is challenging. ETTN has a new program designed specifically to help keep members informed.

Through a virtual education series, engineers, programmers, and product developers will have access to 30-45 minute webinars on topics ranging from electric-vehicle (EV) technology, to advanced internal combustion engine designs, and emissions treatment systems. Available and upcoming sessions are listed below, and new sessions will be added and announced throughout the year.


Introduction to Emissions: Formation and Aftertreatment for Gasoline Engines

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Learn how regulated emissions are formed within a gasoline engine, what to consider if you fail and emissions test, and how aftertreatment systems work during this webinar. Robert Prucka, Associate and Kulwicki Professor of Motorsports Engineering at Clemson University, describes common issues associated with the test cycle and provides insight based on his technical expertise.


A Practical Approach to Emissions Calibration and Compliance

February 15, 2022, 1:00 p.m. (PST)



As the industry focuses more heavily on improving emissions along with performance, companies need to know how to improve testing procedures and results, as well as efficiency. During this webinar, Stephen Ruiz from the Edelbrock Group will share from his experience on how to go through the process of emissions.

Ruiz has extensive experience with powertrain calibration for internal combustion engines and transmissions to meet specific engineering requirements. He is also known for integrating engineering requirements such as power, emissions, drivability, durability, and mileage, into OEM controllers and powertrains with aftermarket engine components for production that are EPA and CARB compliant.