Inaugural ETTN N.E.R.D. Symposium Proves to be a Smart Move


With a focus on helping engineers in the automotive aftermarket improve the product development process, ETTN's first-ever Networking, Education, Resources, and Development (N.E.R.D.) Symposium recently took place at the brand-new SEMA Garage Detroit. The first-time event was a one-of-a-kind gathering that connected engineers, product developers, and programmers, with service providers who offer tools and resources to help with product development.

"Not knowing what to expect from another 'networking event,' the NERD Symposium exceeded expectations," said Greg Banish of Calibrated Success Inc. Banish noted that the success of the event resulted from "getting the right people together on specific subjects."

There are few, if any, events dedicated to bringing engineers together to talk about the challenges and resources available in the industry. The discussions and conversations at the N.E.R.D. Symposium focused on topics and issues that matter most to engineers, product developers and programmers. Education featured the AASA ADAS Service Ecosystem Report, as well as practical approaches to emissions calibration and compliance. Since ADAS is standard on most new-vehicles, and emissions compliance is a legal requirement that applies to almost all engine-related performance products, these sessions were pivotal in providing attendees the knowledge they need to better advance in their careers and marketplace.

A tour and hands-on demo of the new SEMA Garage in Detroit gave members an exclusive look at the resources available to them, some of which include scanning services, advanced tools and equipment, a CARB-recognized emissions lab and a modern training center. The official SEMA Garage Detroit Grand Opening celebration was also held in conjunction with the N.E. R. D. Symposium.

"This event provided an opportunity to grow our business and learn from others' backgrounds and knowledge, in a low-key, open environment," said attendee Joshua Sally. "It was a good blend of networking with open discussion, and structured meetings with a good setting."