As advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) become common place and are included in one form or another on every new vehicle, aftermarket engineers and developers will need to understand how the systems impact vehicle modifications, repairs, calibration and testing. 

As an emerging technology that is constantly evolving, little to no research has been completed in regard to how modifications and repairs impact the ADAS equipment. ETTN presented a webinar to help engineers and developers better understand how ADAS will impact what they do.

Watch the webinar "ADAS Technology and Its Impact in the Aftermarket" on demand here, and listen in as Luis Morales, Mechanical Engineer at SEMA Garage, and Scott Brown, Founder of Diagnostic Network, share what members need to know about:   

ETTN Webinar Demystifies Confusion Surrounding Modification of ADAS-Equipped Vehicles

- Aftermarket product development around new technology  
- SEMA's current research on this topic  
- What the systems are, what they do and why they are important 
- Introduction to the new SEMA Garage Detroit facility and how the ADAS Research Center will assist SEMA members 

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