The 2021 SEMA Show was ETTN’s most successful SEMA Show, with several informative seminars and networking events held specifically for ETTN members.

Beginning on the Monday before the SEMA Show’s official opening, members participated in a seminar focused on the future of alternative energies. The seminar titled "Synthetic Fuels: Paving the Way for the Future of ICE's" featured a lively conversation led by ETTN immediate past chair Ian Lehn and included top technology experts.

Thursday was all about ETTN as the network started the day with an early morning Tech and Toast. The event was nestled in the upstairs rooms just north of SEMA Central with current and prospective members in attendance. Participants enjoyed a casual networking breakfast to connect with engineers at the Show and discovered what ETTN is doing to support its members.

At 11 a.m. the ETTN powered an education seminar named "Challenges to Modding the Modern Powertrain". The event was hosted by Motortrend’s Sean Holman and included panelists Andrew Mernone, HP Tuners; Gale Banks, Banks Power; Christopher Johnson, Derive Systems; and Mark Wilson, Ford. The panel covered how the aftermarket is handling the encryption in electronic controls and how the industry is overcoming hurdles to continue modifying vehicles for custom parts.

Just after the educational seminar was the ETTN Lunch and Learn Panel. It was another packed room as ETTN Select Committee member Bob Morreale hosted a panel that discussed 3D Printing, AI and all of the new ADAS resources coming out of the SEMA Garage in Detroit Michigan next year.

Overall, ETTN had the highest attendance across events from previous years. With support coming from every corner of the association, it shows that engineers and those interested in emerging trends are out in full force shaping the products of our industry and the way we use them.

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