Scott Lowe, president of High Xpectations, is the latest ETTN member to share his insight on how his company has pivoted during the pandemic and utilized technology to keep business moving forward.

Find out how High Xpectations, an automotive restyling and custom build shop, is assisting its community during the pandemic while generating a yearly cost savings, and what technology tools the company has leaned on to service its customers virtually.  

SEMA: How has your company pivoted during the pandemic?    

Scott Lowe: We had seen a downward trend in the custom space over the last few years and have been branching out in a new direction. Due to the pandemic, folks have been hit hard with a lack of income and are struggling to keep food on the table or lights on in their homes.
We have found ourselves in a situation where we can help others by offering a lower-cost alternative to standard maintenance and repairs. We have partnered with a few local shops to offer these low-cost repairs in different areas around Metro Detroit, making it easier for the folks in need to get in and have the necessary repairs done at their convenience. While restyling and custom work will always be our focal point, we are happy to assist those in our community with whatever life throws at them.

SEMA: What technology tools, new or old, have you leaned on recently?    

SL: Our day-to-day interaction had to change a bit as our community was forced to stay at home and limit exposure the best they can. While we are an essential business, we needed to adapt to less face-to-face interaction. We found ourselves utilizing Zoom, MS Teams and even Google Meet with our customers when possible.

SEMA: What new trends have you noticed with sales and marketing?    

SL: Sales and marketing trends have been geared toward the work-from-home workforce. While not everyone can do so, everything is moving in that direction.

SEMA: What, if any, changes in business do you feel will outlive the pandemic?    

SL: Our business will always be an in-person, hands-on requirement. However, our support and clerical workers will continue to work from home. This will generate a yearly cost savings allowing us to bring in more technicians who can do the work.

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