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By Nickolaus DiBlasi, ETTN Select Committee Member
After evaluating the needs of our members, ETTN has decided to slightly modify the format of our Facebook Live chats.

With the same goal of providing engineers and product developers with access to relevant, timely and engaging discussions on emerging industry trends and technology, the Facebook Live chats will now be published as videos that feature discussions between a host moderator and a subject matter expert.

ETTN found that that during the live chats we were not able to cover as many topics or dive in as deep into the subject as we would like. This slight modification of format into a pre-recorded discussion between the two people will enable much further discussion, no time limits and a focused concentration into the topics.

The videos will be distributed throughout various channels of social media to reach our members in new ways that could not be obtained before.

Topics we will cover are:

  • Electric vehicles and the changing landscape of the automotive aftermarket
  • Internal combustion engine changes
  • Biofuels, a continuation from the 2021 Live chat from Bosch
  • Alternate manufacturing methods and software technologies used today

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