SEMA-member manufacturers are known for their creativity, craftsmanship and innovation. And they go to great lengths to design and engineer their products. To assist with product development, member companies from time to time utilize resources available through the SEMA Garage.

For instance, there are 3D printing processes, which allow manufacturers to quickly produce a physical prototype of their product, a dynamometer for precise emissions measurements and custom scanning services. There’s the Tech Transfer program that affords access to OEM CAD data from participating automakers as well as periodic measuring sessions, which provide hands-on access to new vehicles furnished by various OEMs.

But there are times when manufacturers need to get their hands on new and other hard-to get vehicles for more extensive R&D. That can be challenging however, especially for small businesses. With that thought in mind, SEMA’s Emerging Trends and Technology Network has launched a pilot initiative: the ETTN Vehicle Sharing Program.

The idea behind the program is for members to connect and help one another. “The focus of the ETTN Vehicle Sharing Program is to develop an aggregated list of available vehicles among member fleets, which are available to other member companies for their use,” said ETTN Chair Ian Lehn. “Our goal is to lower the hurdle to smaller businesses in developing technology and parts.”

In describing how the program works, Lehn used an online dating analogy. “Think of it as SEMA’s version of ETTN is providing the platform for members to find each other’s vehicles. But it’s up to the ‘daters’—member companies—to chat, discuss the expectations of the ‘date’ and ultimately meet up.

“Our friends at the SEMA Garage—and the OEMs that participate in Tech Transfer and the measuring sessions—provide a valuable resource to members and the industry. We hope the ETTN Vehicle Sharing Program will help continue the facilitation and be another component to help grow our industry,” he added.

Six member manufacturers have already expressed interest in the pilot program. Companies willing to offer vehicles to the program or those that have a need for vehicles to develop and test their products are encouraged to email, and