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ASE Electric Vehicle (EV) Safety Certifications Now Available


The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) has recently launched its xEV High-Voltage Electrical Safety certifications. These procedures--developed to serve as guides--share existing industry standards, concepts and practices that can be followed by individuals working in the automotive, truck and commercial electrical industries. 
There are two levels of certification:

  •  xEV Electrical Safety Awareness Certification - Level 1 Standards 
  •  xEV Technician Electrical Safety Certification - Level 2 Standards 

You can access the xEV Electrical Safety Standards here: Automotive Service Excellence (
Since 1972, the independent non-profit organization ASE ( has worked to improve vehicle repair and service quality by testing and certifying automotive professionals.  

As new technologies emerge in the automotive industry, so will training and certification opportunities. SEMA is positioned to help raise awareness of these different opportunities and keep our members up to date. Stay tuned for additional opportunities.