With most new vehicles equipped with ADAS technology, SEMA manufacturers, engineers, and installers must learn how to successfully integrate aftermarket products onto the vehicle while maintaining OEM functionality and compliance.

ETTN Members are invited to take part in a new 3-Part webinar series to learn about current ADAS systems and trends, as well as resources and case studies from aftermarket manufacturers who have successfully developed and launched products for ADAS-equipped vehicles.

Registration for all three webinars, presented by the SEMA Garage, can be found below.

Part 1: ADAS Technologies: Real-World System and Trends
This ADAS technology overview will feature a high-level look at current ADAS systems' function, technology and trends from top industry experts. Attendees will learn the basics of how these systems work, and how they are affected by various vehicle modifications or repairs. Register here.

Part 2: ADAS Technologies: Making Sense of Simulation, Testing and Calibration
This webinar will feature top service providers in the ADAS simulation, testing and calibration spaces sharing what resources are available in the marketplace to help companies develop and install parts safely while maintaining OEM functionality of the ADAS system. Register here.

Part 3: ADAS Technologies: How to Navigate Product Development
Learn from those who have done it. This final session features case studies from leading aftermarket manufacturers that have successfully developed and launched products for ADAS-equipped vehicles.  They will walk through the steps they took to understand the systems, design compatible parts, and validate the functionality of all OEM features. Register here.