The recent Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) webinar series from SEMA Virtual Education equipped SEMA members with a high-level look at current ADAS systems' function, technology and trends, as well as covered resources and case studies on how these systems work and how they are affected by various vehicle modifications or repairs.

Now available to view on-demand, the webinar series is filled with valuable information that can help ETTN members understand how to install parts safely while maintaining OEM functionality of the ADAS system. Links to all three sessions can be found below, while a complete list of SEMA Virtual Education sessions and registration for upcoming webinars can be found at

ADAS Technologies: Real-World Systems and Trends (Part One)
ADAS are now becoming standard on new vehicles. Aftermarket parts manufacturers and installers must adapt to the change and learn how to work with the new technology. In this webinar, industry experts provide a high-level look at current ADAS systems' function, technology and trends. Watch on-demand.

ADAS Technologies: Making Sense of Simulation, Testing and Calibration (Part Two)
Learn how to test and verify that products perform as designed, without affecting OEM functionality of ADAS systems. In this webinar, experts and leading providers of ADAS simulation, testing and calibration explain the testing process, what it means, how it works and what to expect. Watch on-demand.

ADAS Technologies: How To Navigate Product Development (Part Three)
In the final session of the ADAS Webinar Series, leading aftermarket manufacturers who have successfully developed and launched products for ADAS-equipped vehicles share the steps they took to understand the systems, design compatible parts, and validate the functionality of all OEM features. Watch on-demand.