ARMO Member Spotlight - Jake Carr


ARMO named Jake Carr as the most recent council spotlight volunteer. Carr is the shipping manager at two aftermarket retailers representing restoration and restyling components: Camaro Central and Firebird Central.

Carr was nominated to be spotlighted by his supervisor, who provided the information below:

Q: Tell us about Jake and his career at Camaro and Firebird Central.
A: Jake Carr has been employed at Camaro and at Firebird Central for more than seven years. He has been promoted within the company to the shipping manager. His main duties encompass all outgoing shipments: Ground, LTL and International. He supervises the shipping department staff and helps in any other areas when needed. He came from a culinary background, but has always loved cars. Now that he's working in the industry, he has become quite the enthusiast. Jake currently has a 4th-Gen convertible Firebird that is absolutely beautiful.
Q: How long has Jake been volunteering for ARMO?
A: Jake has been involved in the volunteering side of our industry almost since the first day he started with us. Jake participates in the ARMO Hot Product Showcase and at mixers at the Carlisle Spring Show. He attended the ARMO Banquet and Open Meeting Breakfast at the SEMA Show in 2018. When the Take a Kid to a Car Show program was live and running, Jake would submit pictures for car shows he attended. He spends time with other staff members and encourages them to get involved with SEMA, especially ARMO and the Future Leaders Network (FLN).
Q: If you could say one thing about Jake and his contributions to the company, what would it be?
A: As Jake's supervisor, I wish he would have joined our team sooner! Our shipping department has become top-notch and Jake played a huge role getting us there.
Q: How does Jake show his passion for this industry?
A: Jake focuses on making sure the parts that are being sent arrive to customers in perfect shape. He knows that the part might be the one thing holding up a project and can help get a long-awaited project on the road. Shipping parts can make dreams come true all over the world.
Q: Do you know what Jake's dream vehicle might be?
A: I often hear Jake talking about a 3rd-Gen '87 Pontiac GTA. He'd look amazing driving one!
Q: On a Saturday, where do you think you would find Jake?
A: Jake is an avid musician. He literally can play anything. If you ever been to Cruisin' the Coast Car Show in Biloxi, Mississippi, you might have heard him jamming the saxophone! I've attended other shows with him where he's brought along a bass guitar, a drum machine or some kind of electrical flute. I'm sure he's jamming out somewhere during the weekends!
Q: Has Jake ever mentioned any challenges that he's concerned about for the restoration industry?
A: Getting the youth involved in our industry is huge for Jake.

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