By ARMO Chair Randall Bates, Auto Custom Carpets

Ben Tucker was elected to the ARMO Select Committee in 2013 and rose to leadership in 2018.

ARMO - Ben Tucker

Since then, the ARMO Select Committee has had to strive to keep up with the hardest working Chair in memory. While writing this, I sit back and reflect on the attributes that Mr. Tucker has brought to the council: Patience, loyalty, commitment, insightfulness and diligence, just to name a few. I personally feel grateful and thankful to have served under him.

During his term we all faced the pandemic and the upheaval that was left in its wake. But in that same time span, Ben led ARMO to its most successful Hot Product Showcase at the Carlisle Show, and one of the highest attended, if not the highest attended, builders' panel and discussion that ARMO ever hosted.

He got to watch as ARMO membership grew to levels not seen in years. Ben also faced many challenges internally within ARMO and he faced them with all the grace and thoughtfulness that you would hope for in a leader. He was chosen by his peers in hopes that he would bring ARMO to the "next level" and he did not disappoint. It is truly an honor to call him my friend and it is truly intimidating to try to fill his shoes.

-Randall Bates