Joanna Shere (Incumbent) - Steele Rubber Products, Vice President

13 Years In The Industry

Joanna Shere has served in the automotive industry for 13 years with Steele Rubber Products. Originally hired as a Marketing Coordinator, she eventually worked her way up to Sales Manager and then company Vice President. As part of her role, she has been very involved in the industry by attending Council Open Meetings, the Washington Rally, and becoming a SEMA PAC President's Club Member.

Joanna is currently seeking a second term to the ARMO Select Committee where she serves as Communication Chair and Facebook Editor. She is passionate about many of the ARMO initiatives such as Youth Engagement, Legislative Issues, and helping other member companies grow their businesses.


Amy Fitzgerald (Incumbent) - Cool Hand Customs, Owner/Operator

10 Years In The Industry

Amy Fitzgerald is owner/operator of Cool Hand Customs in Middleton, WI. She has been in the industry for ten years but has always had a lifelong passion for all things automotive. Amy has served on the ARMO Council for the past two years and hopes to continue to do so as a way to give back to the industry she is so passionate about. She has attended the bi-annual Washington D.C. Rally to support SEMA's efforts in protecting the backbone of the Automotive Industry as a whole. She recently started serving on the ETTN Cross Council sub-committee to help identify and inform fellow SEMA members of the challenges of future trends that affect us all. Amy is a past YEN member, current SBN member, and recently became an ETTN member as well. She is always looking for ways to support youth initiatives to keep her passion alive for decades to come.


David Alkire- RPUI, VP Group Sales

27 Years In The Industry

David Alkire is a lifelong car guy who can still be found out in his garage late at night after the family goes to sleep wrenching on his 56 Chevy gasser. David’s career path has included the Sales Manager position at Year One, Trim Parts and Distinctive Industries. David currently holds the position of VP, Group Sales at RPUI. This experience plus David’s continued involvement in the automotive aftermarket has generated a well-rounded andunique  perspective.

Previously, David has volunteered his time and efforts as the Editor of ARMO’s monthly blog "The Engine" which focused and highlighted SEMA's legislative efforts on behalf of the industry. He has attended and participated in several of the ARMO open meetings over the past two years and is well versed in the current topics and direction that the committee is headed.

David is passionate about the automotive aftermarket, the cars, the products and the people that ARMO represents and looks forward to using his combined experiences to propel our industry forward into the future.


Lenny Schaeffer- Redemption Rod and Custom, Co-Owner

35 Years In The Industry

Lenny’s passion for cars started at the young age of 14. His passion turned into a career in the automotive aftermarket, working as tech and management in the restoration and collision segments. He also has experience in small shop and dealer management. Lenny is active in legislation affecting the automotive business and hobby. He has previously served on the ARMO select committee and is active in other pro-automotive and motorsports groups. Lenny is anxious to return to the select committee and contribute another builder’s voice to discussions and projects.


Justin Whitten- Eckler's Industries, Brand Assortment Manager

26 Years In The Industry

Justin has a strong passion for classic cars and automobile related collectibles. He has been involved in the automotive aftermarket for over 26 years, starting out at Mid America Corvette selling Corvette parts. There he had the opportunity to meet several automotive legends such as Zora Arkus Duntov, Larry Shinoda, and many others who inspired him to keep working in the industry. He opened an aftermarket auto parts business which sold aftermarket accessories and NASCAR collectibles. He currently works at Eckler’s Industries and has held several positions across the company.

As the Sourcing Manager, he was responsible for sourcing current and new products both foreign and domestic for Chevy, Ford, Porsche and Mercedes. As the Ford and Chevy Marketing and Brand Manager, Justin was responsible for marketing catalogs and websites for the Ford and Chevy brands. Justin currently serves as the Assortment Manager for Eckler’s where he is responsible for reviewing and fillings gaps across all product lines.


Randall Bates (Incumbent)- Auto Custom Carpets, Sales

23 Years In The Industry

Randall Bates started his first job in the automotive industry straight out of the United Sates Marine Corp and has been working in  and for it for the past 21 years. Working closely through the years with many of the different manufacturing, restoration and retail companies, he knows and has been involved with the challenges that we as an industry face day to day. For Randall, this industry isn't just a job, it's a family that he wants the best for and will do anything in his power for the betterment of it. Randall currently serves on the ARMO select committee and is the Task Force Chairperson leading efforts to secure display vehicles for the ARMO/HRIA booth at the annual SEMA Show. He is active on virtually all projects and looks forward to another term on the select committee to serve the industry that has given him so much.


Larry Brogdin (Incumbent)- Dynacorn, Operations Manager

25+ Years In The Industry

As an incumbent member of the ARMO Select Committee, Larry Brogdin wishes to continue his work with ARMO and SEMA  tackling the legal challenges affecting our industry. His history in the aftermarket began back in 1992 after complaining to a manufacturer about parts not fitting, who offered Larry a job. Since then, Larry has built an impressive arsenal of skills that allowed him to rise through the ranks of Product Development and Sales to become the Sales Manager for Dynacorn International in 2004. With this position, Larry was able to volunteer some of his time to HRIA and their legislative activities both in California and nation-wide.

After joining the ARMO Select Committee, Larry was promoted to Operations Manager of Dynacorn in February 2017. This shift has cemented his resolve to bring new life to our industry and reach out to the next generations of enthusiasts and future employees. "It is our task to engage and develop our replacements. We don't just have wrench ready jobs, we need salespeople, clerks, accountants, lawyers and fabricators." Brogdin states, "The future has already started, it's our job to stay involved and be part of it."