After months of separation and limitations on travel, the recent SEMA360 brought ARMO members together and provided the industry with much-needed education in an online platform. Through the council’s Showcase page, ARMO members gathered, participated in discussions, and left informed and inspired about the longevity and prosperity of the automotive restoration industry. The event also helped the council to discover and better understand new ways to help members and the restoration industry amidst the challenges from the pandemic. With a focus on virtual events and remote activities, ARMO is planning future online discussion groups and other virtual activities.

“We saw from SEMA360 that the industry is able to pivot and effectively connect and operate, regardless of where we are physically,” said Jim Skelly, ARMO Council Liaison. “As we enter the new year, we are prepared to provide the industry with programs and activities to help their businesses, whether that is in person or remotely.”

Details about upcoming activities will be announced in the new year. Visit for updates and announcements.