Watch now on demand the best practices in exporting online workshop featuring IP Attachés: China, India and the Middle East. These US government officials compared and contrasted US brand protection practices with the regions in which they are based. In addition to explaining current issues being raised by the US government in these markets the officials discussed both best practices for registering and enforcing your trademarks and patents in China, India and the Middle East.

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To help members navigate IP issues, SEMA maintains informational materials online and staff is available year-round to help answer IP-related questions.

The federal government also has a handy website listing best practices for companies to protect their IP abroad. Included on the comprehensive site is an online course and a list of upcoming events.

Ultimately, companies may need legal counsel outside of SEMA and the U.S. government to represent your interests and advise on specifics, but both SEMA and the U.S. government are available to provide information and help guide members in the right direction.