US Department of Commerce: Country Commercial Guides (CCGs)

The State Department's Economic/Commercial Officers produce Country Commercial Guides in collaboration with the U.S. Commercial Service. These reports provide an overview of countries'commercialenvironments, using economic, political and market analysis.

US Department of Commerce: Export Assistance Centers

The Commercial Service has a network of export and industry specialists located in more than 100 U.S. cities and over 80 countries worldwide. These trade professionals provide counseling and a variety of products and services to assist small and midsized U.S. businesses export their products and services.

International Company Profile

Provides U.S. companies with a comprehensive background report on a specific foreign company, including: general business information, background and product information, key officials, references contacted by ITA, financial data/creditworthiness information, reputational information, a site visit and interviews with principals; information sources consulted in preparing the report; and analysis of information collected. Contact your local Export Assistance Centers to request this service. As of 3/20 the US government fee for an International Company Profile Full is $700 for small companies (1Mustqualify as a "small business" under the Small Business Administration's size standards, which vary by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code:

US Department of Commerce: US passenger vehicle exports by country and region

Interested in learning which country imports the most US-made passenger vehicles? Used vehicles export from the United States? Top Markets for US-made exports?