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SEMA Young Executives Network (YEN) - Interested in YEN?

Membership in YEN provides young executives with an opportunity to network with other SEMA members in various market segments and influential industry leaders. It also gives you a unique chance to listen and learn, as well as provide the industry a youthful voice to be heard. By joining the YEN, you'll be taking the first step to becoming one of the future leaders of the automotive specialty-equipment market.

YEN Mission Statement
The Young Executives Network's (YEN) mission is to cultivate young talent in the automotive aftermarket through implementation of education and networking. YEN does this by taking advantages of the resources available for virtual networking and in-person at industry trade events.

Who Qualifies for Membership?
YENsters are industry leaders who are 39 years of age or younger. YENsters are entrepreneurs, leading top businesses and actively pursuing a higher level of professionalism in the specialty equipment market. The current membership roster represents some of the top technology, marketing and sales, operations and executive minds in the automotive industry.

What Benefits Does YEN Offer?
YEN membership provides the ideal opportunity to become actively involved with SEMA and the specialty automotive aftermarket. By participating, YENsters are given networking opportunities with prominent and accomplished industry leaders. Additionally, the program creates a forum to:

  • Tap in to the networking power of nearly 700 of the industry's top young executives.
  • Exchange personal experiences with your industry peers.
  • Exclusive connection with other YENsters on MySEMA.
  • Share your original content with over 150k via YEN-sponsored SEMA eNews articles.
  • Shine a spotlight on you and your company as a YEN Member-of-the-Month.
  • Open new business opportunities and career paths via exclusive networking with other YENsters.
  • At the annual SEMA Show, have a drink on us poolside for the hippest of all Show receptions!

Get In Touch
The New SEMA website is one of YEN's most effective tools for networking. We encourage YENsters to sign on and make sure to join the Young Executive Network group to find discussions, photos, and the latest industry info. Feel free to ask questions of your peers and get in touch with old contacts! Discussions can include anything from tough questions on what to do in new situations, to where our industry is headed. Make sure to sign on and express your view point like only YENsters can!

If your company is a SEMA member you already have a page! If you don't have access to your company's log in information, check with your point of contact for SEMA to get set up with one.

It's Like Face Book for the Automotive Aftermarket!
Once you've gotten your log in information sorted out, make sure to upload a good picture (headshots recommended) so your industry peers can put a face to a name! How many times have you met a new colleague at SEMA and their face wasn't what you pictured in your head? Not anymore! The more we see each others' faces, the more we get to know each other! What better way to network?

Speaking of Face Book...
Did you know YEN also has pages available on Facebook and LinkedIn? Check us out next time you're on your profile and help bring our industry in to the 21st Century! Better yet, go on and friend a YENster today!

Membership in YEN is open to all SEMA-member company employees under the age of 40 at no cost. If you are not a SEMA Member, join SEMA now. If you are already a SEMA Member, apply for YEN here. Confirmation and a welcome package will be mailed to you within 4-6 weeks.

If you should have any questions or need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact a YEN Select Committee Member - check out the full roster at You can always contact SEMA staff for more information by emailing Sr. Manager of Councils Bryan Harrison at or calling 909-978-6691.

We look forward to working with you as part of the Young Executives Network!

YEN Membership Task Force Chair


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